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The second day of the year

I didn't go out at all New Year's Eve for the first time in I don't know how long. But I didn't really care. There wasn't anyone waiting for me anywhere. I only knew one person at the one party I had been invited to, and the club I like to go to was having a costume theme that I couldn't see myself doing (too much work). Worthy Opponent was also totally unenthusiastic about going out, not to the point of being a wet blanket but enough so that I could see that he was probably still sick and just trying to be a good sport. So we went out for pizza then went home and read. I guess my day of seeing tattooed peni to ring in the New Year is over.

Yesterday was an exciting day of REMOVING THE CAT PISS SODDEN RUG from the corner of the living room. To my great joy we discovered that in general the floor underneath the carpet is in fabulous shape, nicely polished and probably good to go as is were to we remove all of the carpet. Only ... the corner in question is in kind of sad shape, with beaded moisture on top. I'm not sure if the stuff penetrated to the wood or not. So we're just going to hold down the fort on removing the rest of the carpet for now. Of course when we do there's that great monkey rug I saw online that I'd just LOVE to put in the living room. Monkeys wearing French coutier costumes! Wouldn't that make every day a big giggle.

We did have two simply delightful meals sandwiching the icky part of the day. Breakfast was Savory Waffles with ham and sharp cheddar inside (YUM DAMMIT!) and dinner was my second attempt at the New Year's Traditional Black Eyed Peas. Apparently there's a little more to it than just serving the peas straight (according to an article I unfortunately did not read yesterday in the New York Times), but I thought the mom's recipe ham and the Zatarain's gravy rice in steamed pumpkin made for tasty accompaniments.

Yesterday evening we went to see The Way Home, the Korean movie that is fortunately at the Crest right now. It made me all weepy about my grandma and how it had been a year since she had died and I still really missed her. I did my best to hide it, though, because we brought another friend with us that I didn't want to scare off.

I also wondered just how many movies I saw last year. Apparently a huge chunk of the movie going public is people like WO's cousin, who see pretty much every piece of crap Hollywood churns out. I would like to see if I really do see 20 to 30 movies a year like I think I do. Yet I suspect that seeing as much as I do at the Grand Illusion would probably mark me as someone who was not contributing to Hollywood's bottom line. Which is, of course, a good reason to see even more movies there. Right now I am looking forward to seeing Chicago, though.
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