Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Coffee spoons. Coffee spoons. Taking measure.

Work seems very busy this week. That said, my new book is ten times more vibrant in my mind than how I spent my day. Interviewing strategies, analyzing test results, passing good news to an employee ... or a witch who sits in a tower with her fox familiar and sends a demon out to destroy her daughter. I ask you, close your eyes and tell me quickly what you remember of the preceeding sentence. See? It's a very good book.

After work there was no shadowdaddy to entertain me, so my schedule was my own. I was joined by nickylion at the Y for Pilates, which wore him out but left me wishing I still had classes on Sunday. At home I had a snazzy dinner of some frozen ratatouille from Trader Joe's, to which I added some of the leftover duck (and the remainders of a pint of ginger ice cream, though it was eaten in sequence and not mixed with the vegetables). Then I had a friend come over for a hour or two (no LJ to link to), ostensibly to help me clean house, but, I think, mostly to visit. Be assured I was back on that book like a Shadow on a tennis ball the minute I was left alone.

I've managed to fill this week up quite thoroughly, and am now thinking about next week. When can I fit in a movie? I'm dying to see Tristan Shandy and the new Woody Allen movie, but I'm already booked on Monday and Wednesday and I'm aching to just get out of town Friday and go to the beach for the weekend. How is it that I'm so busy and yet I've gotten nowhere with my single goal for the year? I'm not even auditioning for the Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society's Pirates of Penzance this weekend. Just watch me spend the whole summer in Seattle again. I'll be so bitter they'll use my tears to make lemonade.
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