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Post Bon-Odori

Today was one of those days that make me think I'd rather live in Seattle than anyplace else in the world. I'd like to add that I resent that I wasted so much of yesterday writing the Tablet story when it was equally as beautiful then as it was today, and for that reason I will keep this entry short.

Worked on my story some MORE today after a waffly breakfast (cornmeal pecan) with the brother in law and his pal. When I wrapped, we went to Denny Blaine beach, which had lots of people there but didn't feel crowded - just friendly. I was in the water three times and almost fell asleep on the grass between times. Then we were going to go to the Locks, but got distracted at Ivar's long enough to make me think heading back for Bon Odori was the way to go. (Did you know you can boat in to Ivar's? It was just crazy seeing people docking behind the restaurant! And the view of the lake was just awesome. Too bad I don't like fish!) Bon Odori was pretty as usual, and my Beef Donburi and Yakisoba was very tasty. Now we're home and B-I-L is off to Broadway to drink. Me, I'm ready for ice cream and Carcasonne!
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