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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Oh my goodness, when was the last time I closed out a bar?

After seeing shadowdaddy's lastest play, "Night, Mother," which is about suicide, I thought some life affirming activities were in order. In my case, this was karaoke. I'd just read over dinner (um, pizza) that the Crescent now has karaoke seven nights a week, and this is where we wound up. I only got in 2 songs between 10 and 2, but oh, how many margaritas I did drink. IT was the kind of karaoke scene where people were dancing with each other randomly and the whole bar was singing along with the singer - perfect, I tell you, just like the good old days at the Sea Wolf. splendid_geryon joined us after his shift at The Schmee, and we continued to hang out and sing and dance and visit and have a good time right up until they kicked us out.

Damn. What a good night. I stopped being able to feel my face around midnight, and yet I went for margarita number three. My basic thought (as I talked to "Angel" and "Violet" and "Tranny Kitaen") was that I felt like myself for the first time in months, and that was good.

I've already had three glasses of water, and I'm looking forward to some kind of breakfast involving gravy in many, many hours. And typing is killing me. See y'all later.
Tags: karaoke
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