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Is it spring? Outside is bleah, and so is in.

I can't remember why I should get up and go to work today. This has been typical of the week. What am I doing today that's so important? Why can't I spend all day in bed? (UPDATE: I have been reminded why I was supposed to get up: 8:30 phone conference that I missed! Oh, joy!)

I can see six different colors of hyacinths under my plum tree. I should actually go out there and have a look (and smell) rather than just peek at them through my window.

Last night we left the dress rehearsal of the ballet early, skipping "La Valse," which is actually a really good ballet. Why did we leave? I was feeling worn out (this despite the ballet starting at 7 and me catching a nap when I got home). I'm thinking of next week and trying to figure out how to do less so I don't wear myself out. This probably means another week's delay in seeing Narnia, which starts at the Crest tomorrow. The night before was just dinner with intrepid_reason at Old Szechuan and then some Lost Cities (I was tromped), so not exhausting at all, but ... hmmm. Not sure what's going on.

The first ballet was one I don't like (based on the story of a couple getting shot in Sarajevo, I find it maudlin), the second ("Time and Other Matter," Dominique Dumais) was a bit long but had really great movement and Arianna Lallone at the helm. God, the woman made supermodels weep last night, she is just that beautiful. The ballet itself reminded me of a tale of a human being enchanted by the fairy world, though it was a female human and the fairies in this case were male.

At any rate ... plan for tonight is home for cleaning and packing. I wonder what the highlight of today will be?
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