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late hubby arrival

I got to bed at 1 last night, since the soccer game got out at 10:15 and I figured my old man would be back any old time. But instead of being sensible and drinking in the International District (click that link, it will make you laugh), he decided to go to a bar all the way across downtown, and one which was so popular he and his brother were unable to get into. Anyway, I sit around for AGES, and I was so bored! No one was commenting on the things I had said on their blogs, I couldn't get all of the software I needed to make the site work where I could have played Carcasonne online, and I didn't have a single book to read (I mean I have 400 but no tips as to which one I should start). So I just frittered the night away doing practically nothing ... a fate I hope today does not share.
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