Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Angels over Carcasonne

Well, one game of Carcasonne and one game of Hunters and Gatherers later, and this feels like a much better day than it did at 4 PM. Apparently B-I-L's friend found the board Worthy Opponent and I had laid out interesting, so when they came back from the baseball game (at 11 PM) W.O. said the guys were interested in playing, and play we did. I mean, what the fuck, I'm not doing anything tomorrow, might as well seize the opportunity (although I would have gone to Sorry Charlies - if they're still open), so we got two games in. I think I won them both, but I think if we played again it would be very competetive. Tony used to play Magic, so he pretty much has the right mindset to be a big geeky game boy. It was much more entertaining than how I had spent the preceeding two hours, which included doing some research on Ebay for the Blythe doll (after seeing a book on them at Kinokuniya today).

Charlie's Angels was about what I expected, and even a little less based in reality. Afterwards sallysimpleton and I discussed growing up poor, and remembering getting forcibly moved by my mom over and over again, without even getting to say goodbye to my friends and my teachers, made me feel pretty unhappy. Hurrah for repression!

OK, this picture gave me laughing fits:
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