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The middle-aged and the restless

Man, another GORGEOUS day, and I should just be slapping myself and giggling because I don't have to work today ... and yet, I'm not. I want to be working today. I want to have more to do than balancing my checkbook, seeing if Tablet has updated their website yet, and picking up the living room. I'm trying to get a movie date for tonight (what sucks is that I absolutely want to see the movie up at the Grand Illusion right now, which I would happily see by myself, but they're not open Mondays, which will put me in conflict for the movie I am hoping to see with sallysimpleton someday BESIDES today and the showing of Cremaster 4 & 5 that will be playing Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY - aargh!). Maybe I can shake someone out of the woodwork to go to the beach at Lake Washington with me and my pasta salad.
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