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The blend that is Seattle

I did actually make it to Cafe Umbria after work yesterday, and got a good half hour or so sitting under the trees, reading and eating gelato. It was a little too shady, though, and by the time shadowdaddy showed up, I just wanted to run home and get warm. We went, I changed clothes, he got Shadow, and we headed to West Seattle and the Salvadoran Bakery (on Roxbury) recommended in the Seattle Weekly. One to-go plate of pupusas, fried yuca, plantains, refries, and a tamale later, we were strolling through the forested hills of Jackson Park on our way to the waterfront and our dinner. It was lovely watching the fish jumping and the ducks fishing in the Sound, and we had ourselves a good little chat as well as a post-dinner promenade along the water.

Home again, and shadowdaddy was shortly off to the Stumbling Monk to meet thevfrchick while I cruised all news sites trying to figure out what happened with the shooting on Broadway and John (in front of my favorite bookstore, gah). I finally gave up and settled down with The Porcelain Dove and the strongest intentions of working on my presentation for work; but when I finally put it down, it was too late for even a shower. Oops.

Not a bad night in all, though, and now I'm going to catch up on my missed ablutions and then run off to the Bagel Deli. (Another phone screen today, by the way.)
Tags: my boring life
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