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China cabinet night

I came home last night to three calls from my brother on my answering machine. He's in Kansas, getting the furniture from my grandmother's house packed up to move to Seattle (actually I think he's in Nebraska or something right now but I'm not sure). He wanted to know what glassware I was interested in. I'm guessing that all of the stuff that was in the china cabinet and the buffet hadn't been wrapped up at all. He also said he'd changed his mind about the china cabinet and was thinking he was interested in it now after all. To which I say, of course, silly! It's a beautiful piece of furniture. I actually wound up dreaming about it last night. His last call said he'd call back around the time that we showed up - so we waited, but he never called, and finally I took the doggies for a walk.

We were late-ish getting home because we went to happy hour with sallysimpleton at the Icon grill, which left me feeling motivationless after I got home. I can't believe they charge $11 a plate for their macaroni and cheese. I guess having an extra pitcher of sauce to pour on top must really raise their costs! Anyway, we ate enough dinner there that we didn't need any more food after we came home.

The night was slack. Worthy Opponent washed dishes (yay!), bought his tickets to San Diego, then talked on the phone to his mom for a year and a day. Alright, he's coming already, now can he get off the phone and talk to ME for a while since I've hardly seen him for four days? Then I gave him a guided tour of BrettSpielWelt where I was almost immediately invited to play Carcasonne with some other players. Wow! I really enjoyed saying,"Sorry, I'm just giving a tour, we have a table set and we're ready to go in real time!" Worthy Opponent was suitably impressed, and I am betting that I'll never be bored when he's in tech again.

I forgot to say earlier - I've packed the rest of the lemon chicken, some fresh couscous, and a salad, and Worthy Opponent and I will be having lunch just east of the Fremont bridge (nice photos, huh?).

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