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Weekend update

Friday I was beat and could barely stand the thought of going out, but duty called and I made the best of it. I took a nap, then we went out for Thai food, and then I took advantage of my free passes to go to the Seattle Art Museum and check out the Freida Kahlo exhibit, which was open until midnight with a mariachi band playing and special discounts for people dressed up like Frieda. There were two paintings by her that I thought were really outstanding, but sadly there was not much there by Diego Rivera, whom I got really jazzed about when I saw his big murals at the Detroit Institute of Art.

I was also irritated by the excess focus on their personal lives. Basically, I think their art should stand by itself and the gossip should be left to the National Enquirer and People magazine. Picasso has the same problem. Why do curators think you have to tell people a salacious story to make the art interesting? I don't give a damn about whether or not Picasso's "Crying Woman" is crying because the artist is sleeping around on her. On the way out, in a fit of entrepreneurial zeal I sold three of my remaining passes for $20 to some people who were standing in line (and wanted to cut to the front), then gave the last away.

Saturday I could barely stand to do anything. I was feeling depressed and without energy. I had a lot to do regarding the neighborhood development, since the group that is planning on doing it put out their notice to the DCLU and is having a public meeting next Wednesday (the 15th). Writing up petitions, organizing a petition drive, making more phone calls, writing a position paper for delivery to the county ... it all seemed so hard. I finished my book "The Lost Music" and, well, it seemed like maybe that was all there needed to be for the weekend. I cancelled going to the burlesque show (too much work) and couldn't get excited about any of the movies showing. However, at 9 PM we actually went out to play pinball at Playland, ducked across the street for a drink, then came back in and played some more. We also worked on the new game I'm trying to design, "Ignorants Abroad." We came up with some cards and a basic strategy, but of course I wound up making up rules as we played because, well, there weren't any and there needed to be some.

Sunday it was rather nice out and we took the dogs up to Bothell for a walk along the banks of North Creek ... amusingly enough right in the middle of the giant office park in which I am imprisoned during the week. When we came home, it was rush, rush to clean up before the cards party. Jessica, Matt, Chris, Maurie, Pam, and Corrinna showed up. The white elephant part of the evening was a hoot; I got rid of an ugly coffee mug and a bunch of cookbooks I don't use, and got a fabulous Darth Vader/Yoda holo-box from Taco Bell.

Today I actually got a call at work from Larry Gossett, who wanted to check up about all of my calls about the impending development on 14th Avenue. He said he's coming to the meeting Saturday. I filled him in on everything that was going on (Conlin saying he's vote for postponement; the change in zoning; the developer), and his final comment was something about dealing with the parking issue. Christ, man, do I have to do everything? Anyway, the neighborhood council president is going to deal with finding some possible solutions for the parking problem. I sent Gossett my "vision" for development on 12th Avenue. We'll see what happens at the meeting. shadowdaddy is likely to be elected to the neighborhood council, and I'm going to make a presentation about our desired development plan, and Conlin should be showing up, and bunches of my neighbors will be there. But I know it won't be enough. What in the world else can we do?
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