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The endless vacation: a day expressed in food

Morning (6:45): no eggs. We eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches for breakfast, then head to Makena landing to catch our boat to Molokini.

Second breakfast (8:30): the Pride of Maui apparently stocks up at Costco. We are unimpressed by the stale mini-danishes and lame fruit tray. I have guava juice; shadowdaddy has coffee.

Post-dive (10:30): the time in the water has worked up our appetite. I have a teriyaki chicken burger and a few bites of a flavorless pasta salad (Costco again, I think); shadowdaddy has a cheeseburger. We are amused to hear "Cheeseburger in Paradise" over the loudspeakers, but wind up getting more caught up in listening to a dad describe to a crew member how his Lolita-like daughter went to see Jimmy Buffet at age eight and said, "Daddy, I'm a parrothead!" We spend most of the rest of the day amusing ourselves with this much more well-heeled family's antics. shadowdaddy has a hotdog with cheese before the kitchen closes.

Post second dive (noon): um, I didn't really have any food, but I did drink three mai tais before we pulled into shore. They played disco music all the way back and I really, really wanted to dance. I think this is the point where I aggravated the sunburn on my shoulders.

Second lunch: we went to the Kihei location of Da Kitchen and split a loco moco, which we weren't able to finish. I wouldn't imagine that the combination of hamburger/gravy/eggs/rice would really appeal to me, but the whole thing was like a salisbury steak and the rice became very tasty with all of the goop in it. Afterwards, we went back to Uncle Steve's place and crashed hard.

Teatime: Pai'a has a lot of restaurants, but we were there much too early for dinner, especially after the loco moco. Instead, I had a scoop of Macademia Nut Brickle ice cream, which I needed just as much as the necklace I bought there (early birthday present, I told myself).

Supper: since we had no idea how long the Ulalena show went, we grabbed a meat stick to go with our pina colada/banana smoothie drinks. The show is good, especially at the "I am a travel agent" rate I pulled (two $60 tickets became one $25 ticket and a comp), which made up for the cost of the meat stick and drinks ($20, a rip). We do not finish the meat stick, but we do enjoy the drumming and singing at the show. I am now convinced I am an incarnation of Pele, since we have the same hair style.

Dinner: we got lost trying to leave the parking lot and inadvertently come across the House of Saimin, the only affordable restaurant in Lahaina and the only place we've eaten where I felt like someone who was in town visiting family and not some tourist being cranked through a giant money sucking machine like a cow in an automated dairy farm. I can't believe they are open until 2 AM, or that we got out of there for 11 dollars (2 medium saimin with wonton, 2 grilled beef sticks, one soda).

Mostly I'm feeling worn out by the trip. We've been going really hard. Neither of us were totally amazed by Molokini, even though the water was really clear; my biggest fun of the morning was going into water from the slide on the front of the boat. So tomorrow we're going to try something new; taking it really easy AND trying to stay out of the sun. I think we'll see the aquarium and maybe get in a round of mini-golf, and shadowdaddy and Uncle Steve are going to go out on the sailboat Steve made. Me, I think I'll write postcards and read and maybe get in a nap while they're out. And of course I'll get in a swim.

For those who are interested: while snorkeling today I saw: a threadfin butterfly fish, a four spot butterflyfish, an ornate wrasse, a yellowtail coris (this was the one that looked like Nemo), the completely rad black durgon (we could see them from the boat, they looked like flags floating in the water), a redlip parrotfish, convict tangs, yellow tangs, and a flounder, hiding on the bottom.

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