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Afternoon of last full day

First: anyone want to pick us up from the airport tomorrow night? Our flight arrives around 10:30. Let me know ...

I've spent the last hour and a half watching shadowdaddy and his uncle set up the little boat his uncle built and get ready to take it out on the water. (I've also been reading and cross stitching and such.) Part of this time was a sailing lesson for shadowdaddy. I would have considered this an "optional" activity since it's a two person boat (boo!), but it turns out Uncle Steve carved a new paddle for Jason so they could go out together, so, well, this is a "chill out" day for me now.

People are really excited about his boat and keep coming up to Steve to talk about it. It is pretty neat; you can switch which end of the boat the sail is "attached" to (very hard to describe but you basically lift it up, swing it around the side, and reattach it to the other end of the boat). Apparently this is the only boat like it on the whole island.

Steve's house is just up the road from the beach where the Maui Canoe Club is located; the beach in front of the launch site is covered with outriggers. I found out that tomorrow at 8 AM they have a beginner's mix-up where they pair people up and send them out on the boats. This sounds like it would be pretty fun to do.

I think this afternoon we might go to the aquarium, but we've finally got tickets to the Old Lahaina Luau. The trick is, apparently, to call them right after 10 AM, which is the final time for people to cancel their reservations and get their money back. Once again, I got a travel agent discount, which I'm very excited about. So my real goal today is to work up a pretty good appetite; I need to be able to fit all of that good food in.
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