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Koi and the pond in the sky

Spent some time last night looking at koi online, trying to figure out if they were really selling for a million dollars. As I expected, the types of koi are highly differentiated for Japanese collectors - an orange and white one might be of the "lightning bolt" variety if the orange spots form a zig-zag pattern on his back. I'll read some more, I'm sure, since learning about these kinds of appreciations add to my own aesthetic enjoyment. (I also read about Living Dead dolls - not aesthetically refined but very funny!)

My dad and brother got held up in Spokane with a flat

Interrupt! My house is being dived on by big blue and yellow planes. It's easy to imagine that they could be strafing my neighborhood. I'll have to remember to go float a boat for the war dead on Green Lake this Wednesday.

tire this morning, so instead of showing up around 1 will be in more likely at 5 or 6. This leaves us pretty free to go to the play ("Sylvia," at ACT) tonight at 7:30. What I will do this afternoon is a mystery, but I suspect I'll hit the Bon downtown and clean up the house for a while.
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