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Crew on Lake Union: it's Kismet

So ... last weekend I was totally blue and I saw a poster for rowing classes on the walls at Cupcake Royale (it's sitting right in front of me at this very moment). It sounded like something I might enjoy; learning how to synchronize myself with other people's movements is a challenge I find very engaging, and I love how the paddling I do for kayaking helps work the stress knots out of my back. So I looked at theLake Union Crew schedule, and was first very excited because they had not one, but two classes starting this very week! But then I was frustrated because the Monday/Wednesday crew class was full and Tuesday/Thursday would interfere with Pilates - and I couldn't go the very first day.

BUT ... I thought about it, and came up with this idea: what if I went to the very first class on the MONDAY, then joined in with the regular class on Thursday and just said foo to Pilates for the month of June, because, hey, wouldn't I rather be on the water than inside the gym, and wouldn't I be getting more exercise doing this (as it's three times a week) anyway?

So I proposed this to the people who run it, and they thought it was just fine! And we walk in, and who greets us but this gorgeous tall man who says, "Huh, your name is [Puddint]ane? I know a [Puddint]ane." And I looked at him and said, "No you didn't, you knew me! There ain't no other [Puddint]ane!" And we looked at each other, and behold, it was Tom, a guy who used to live up the street and threw this fabulous "Wig Party" some five years back that I very rudely crashed (because I saw all of these crazy dressed people running up the street and said, "I want to go where they're going!") and then made a celebrity out of myself by drinking tequila out of the bottle, though since I was wearing a wig it was all good. It was a great party.

And shadowdaddy and I sat on the couch in the big room there and we were told to introduce ourselves to the person next to us, who was Randi, who said to me, "Didn't you used to go to Asylum?" which was of course the moldie oldie Industrial club from Phoenix way back in the early 90s, and she even used to go to "Out of Water," which was my big hangout from the late 80's. She said I had a familiar face! We were very excited, and I was sorry that we weren't going to be seeing her because we weren't actually in the Monday class - but it turns out she's not, either, she's in the Tuesday class and Tom is going to be our teacher!

So all is good and I'm psyched about spending the month of June primarily rowing a boat around Lake Union. I know it's going to be hard for me to get that coordination thing down but I firmly believe I can do it and I know for a fact I (and shadowdaddy) am (are) going to be ripped by the time July 1 rolls around. I'll try to do a picture post regularly but will keep the rest of my entries behind a cut.

Afterwards we went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and had a late supper of goat-cheese decorated salad with English cucumber and hot house tomatoes, dressed with a pomegranate vinaigrette and some olive oil. And I talked to Mandy about the pretty dress she's making me. And then I made a banana daquiri. Yum. And then I wrote work email for half an hour because I'm behind. Boo, but whatever, when my work stress level gets high because I'm backlogged it makes me feel better, and this is critical to get ready for the London thing, which must be a success. The whole reason I took this class on this day is so I could have enough time to get my work done, as it's heading into review time and I need to have my little ducks in a row.

Finally: my fortune from a few days ago: your love life will change for the better. Wow, no need to even add "in bed" to that!
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