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Cowgirl's pasta au pistou

I read a recipe for soup au pistou in the New York Times and was inspired to make this:

2/3 bag of the good dried pappardele (add to boiling water and cook normally, but aim to have it done about two minutes before you're ready to serve) - enough for two
a frozen Isernio's sweet Italian sausage I had stashed in the freezer (sliced and sauteed in a cast iron pan)
some of that frozen bell pepper mix (about 3 T, mixed in with the sausage when it's about half cooked)
three to four tablespooons of cooked, chopped tomatoes out of a can (because that's what I had) - add in when peppers are done and avoid the juice
two to three tablespoons of some kind of bean (I used cannelini, see above)

When everything is warmed through, add two heaping tablespoons of pesto and stir. Mix in with the pasta so that it doesn't stick together. Put in the pretty bowl from Orvieto and give it a nice dusting of fresh ground parmesan. Make note to buy more parmesan as it has become insufferably hard. Eat.

Now I'm going to trim my rosebushes, as it's still light outside.
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