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Fourth day of crew class

Bah, we did not get on the water today! The wind was too high (though it seemed low to me!), and instead we stayed inside in the training room and did "ergs" (ergonomic exercises). In this case we were divided into nine teams and pretended to be rowing a race of 5000 meters, each of us pulling, er, I don't know, I thought 1000 each but the math doesn't work out (guess I wasn't paying attention). I was aggravated by needing to "race" when I still didn't feel I had my form down, and was rather too slow the first round while I tried to get my arms and knees to be in the right place, but on the second round Aina came by to coach me and I picked up my speed quite a bit ("Use those leg muscles and kick!"). My team still was 7th out of 9, but it was hard for me to give a rat's ass.

Hmm. The competetive element of crew. I don't know if I'm really excited about that. I'm much more interested in getting my position correct and moving effectively and seamlessly with others. I actually think that the article katyha posted on "what makes women happy" (absolutely fantastic, I'll try to write more about it later, but obviously not so late as now) gets what I want out of crew perfectly: flow, the "complete absorption in a task so that there's no awareness of passing time." It goes on to say, "High-flow activities (which might include playing an instrument, gardening, singing in a choir, or writing) are distinguished by being difficult enough to prevent boredom, but not so impossible as to make you want to give up." This is what I love about Pilates and it's what I think I'll like about crew, and when I was feeling worn out today at work it was the hope of getting lost in flow (rather than getting crunched in the meat grinder at the office) that I was looking forward to.

By the way, I know that flow makes me happy. I also think that people's ability to get ridiculously absorbed in their own problems is a lot of what makes them miserable. Mental illness is, I think, a bit of the luxury of our times; people who are absorbed in trying to feed themselves have less time for depression. Anyway, though this is all a bit flip for the many very down people I know, I do seriously advise concentrated exercise, INTERESTING exercise, as a way to help break the bad chatter in your head. Maybe you won't agree with Lesley Garner's statement that "the key to happiness was to take up Scottish dancing," but if you read that article you may find contra dancing sounds like a very good way for you to pass the time.
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