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Crew class day 5: at last we row!

Alrightie! Despite the wind (nearly 12 miles an hour, which is apparently the cut-off point), we went out on the water today, three boats of eight, three coxswains, and three people riding on the support boats. I was with an all-woman crew (3/4 of our class is female, not sure why), and I found getting the boat off of the rack (and, later, out of the water) HAAAAAAAAAAARD! It was heavy and I am weak.

Seemingly seconds after we got in the water, the boat bleeeeewwwww away into the middle of the lake. Behold, houseboats! Behold, barge towing sand! Behold the sea plane! All of them seemed aimed toward us and we did worry about the possibility of a collision.

The next hour and a half (we were out there over the normal end of class), we tried to paddle a little, turn, paddle, split the paddling with left "rowing" and right "pulling" (or something like that), just have the front paddle, etc., etc. I was able to do a good job of getting "right" and "left" correct (it's reversed for crew, and it's "port" and "starboard" just to be extra special), but when I was supposed to row backwards I kept, um, going the right way, which actually is backwards, but it was supposed to be the other direction. Behold, I am dyslexic.

At any rate, it seemed that whenever the teacher wanted some muscle, she asked me to pull (but maybe it was just because of my position in the boat), which I found flattering ... so even though I was working hard, mentally and physically, I was having a really good time.

Afterwards, it was off to Piecora's for a refreshing bout of slices and salad. I'm looking forward to Saturday morning's class, and I'm feeling very enthused about the possibility of keeping this up after this class is done!
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