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I'm tired of nagging

I've spent the last hour trying to convince people to GO HOME. Fresh or fried, that's the question of the moment; which are you? I've been trying to get the team down to one person max ("You! Put your computer back in your office! You! Call your husband to come pick you up! You! Tell the fresh person how to finish your tests and LEAVE!"), and I've been pushing the B team test QB (who works for me) to take over from the A team woman, who I've been telling to dial down her areas of responsibility so she can head out. This is me, being a boss, trying to get things done and trying to take care of people when they have worked too hard.

And of course, that leaves the question of me, how am I doing and when am I going home. It's time. The CEO and CTO and Big Prez Dude and Mr. Boss's Boss are all gone, and no one is worried about me and how I'm doing. I've got everything ready to leave, but I wanted to do one last post after I put my computer back in its docking station, so here I am. Who's going to tell me now that I've been up for too long?

It's a beautiful day outside and I feel kind of sorry to have missed so much of it, but, well, there's a summer worth of beautiful days still to come and I'll do my best to catch up while I'm at Golden Gardens tonight. Be advised all of these posts will be going friends-only in a day or so, after I've had some sleep.
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