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Mi vida perfecta

Home, finished prepping the pasta salad (added ham, tomatoes, onions, and tiny motzarella balls), then took a vicious nap that had me dreaming in minutes. Awakened to see shadowdaddy had done a load of dishes. Packed the nicely chilled pasta salad, half a baguette, two bowls and forks and headed out with the dog to Luther Burbank park.

We got there and the parking lot was pretty full, but still had room for a few more cars. In the amphitheater, the Wooden O folks were ramping up for their summer full of Shakespeare; in the off-leash area, two other poodles were making beelines for the water. We tossed the floatie frisbee in a few times (it being so hot we thought swimming was the only exercise Shadow was really up for today), then headed over to the north end of the park, which has a nice view of the lake and some picnic benches. There we found some more dogs (with people), some guys tossing a football, and a nice spot to sit in the shade and eat and talk. Overhead swallows were swooping and catching bugs; behind us I heard a croaking noise and discovered two bald eagles sitting in a snag. The weather seemed perfect; it had cooled down just enough that even though I had my suit on, I didn't want to get in the water for fear I wouldn't be able to warm back up. The pasta salad was incredibly good, the bread a nice accompaniment, and the Rainier cherries juicy and sweet. God, it was really just a slice of heaven, and I found it really hard to leave, not to mention hard to believe I wanted to move from here.

Home again, time for dishes and laundry and a shower to kick the dust off (and help cool me down). I took a banana and mandarin oranges (which I'd thrown in the fridge before we left), a donut peach, and a few more Rainier cherries, chopped all the fruit up and put a little bit of the Greek honey yogurt on top and made us a little dessert. Yum yum yum. I'll admit 82 degrees is warmer than I'd like it in the house, but all in all this was a perfect summer evening.

PS: So far, doing the silly dungeon thing, I've had:
"You find yourself in a gothic-arched chamber. A plaque on the wall mentions uk visa. meico the fire elemental guards the north exit (77HP)." It's just too perfect.
"You are in a stalagmite-filled cave. You hear the sound of dawn dolls in the distance."
"You are walking through a torchlit corridor. You notice a chiselled epitaph to Neil Gaiman. Resting on a plinth is the Armour of Ampliatum."

Nice! I'll play this for a bit ...

(Later: "You find yourself in a crumbling passage. Beside the entrance is a potion marked 'DARJEELING TEA'." Ooh, clever, that. Then: "You find yourself in a pentagonal armoury. Scrolls about oolong tea have been pinned to the walls. Amid debris on the floor is the Axe of Varina8." My, what a delightful dungeon this is! I shall take the scrolls with me.)
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