Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

I have measured out my life in pizza slices

I have measured out my life in cider pints
Hmm, that's not it

We real fast
We kick ass
We row crew
We pull through
We catch crab
We tight ab
We drop in
We boat thin
We pull eight
We feel great
We end June
We done soon.

Okay, well, crew tonight was a total blast. I finally got a boat with shadowdaddy, though he was about six and I was three so I didn't see much of him. Our boat was first out (though last out of the boat house) and first back in; we did circles around a second boat in Portage Bay, two laps total. We had to pull hard twice, both times to cross the shipping lane near the University Bridge; the water was very choppy and the rowing was quite challenging at times. But this time for, I think, the first time, I actually got very much into the rythmn of the stroke, into the zone; I got lost following the stroke of the person in front of me today. In fact, the person behind me actually praised me on how easy I was to follow, but the second I was told to follow the person directly in front of me, it seemed like I completely fell to pieces for the rest of the night. Oh well, it was the flowiest I'd been the entire class.

After we'd called it quits in Portage Bay, we went back to Lake Union and waited for the other boats to catch up. Our cox took the opportunity to teach us the "San Diego Drill:" "Okay, lean back, lean back! Lean back until your head is resting on the ankles of the person behind you." (We lean back. Pause.) "We don't usually get weather where we can do this ..." (We stare at the blue sky overhead and do nothing. It is nice.)
(Coach Tom approaches on the support boat and we get all tense. He is silent but takes a few passes by our boat.) "You're going to have to make a bigger wake than that, Tom!" I think part of the deal is that you're supposed to get splashed in the boat, but it never happened,m though with the weather as warm as it was it would have been nice. We did get plenty wet turning the boat over, though, as the big powerboats that had been cruising by had dumped rather a lot of their wake in our boat.

After class was over, shadowdaddy and I were quite pumped up. Aina was very upbeat about how well we were doing, and we were really feeling it, so off we went to the Comet for a celebratory pint (it was our first time rowing eight, after all) and slices from Mama's. All things told, if you forget about the work thing, I feel like I'm having a fabulous summer.
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