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I'm just a cock-eyed pessimist

- make me a pyre out of my used theater tickets

Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維
What's not okay to do on LJ (or is really irritating)
1) Slag off your partner. Talk to them about it!
2) Tell me you're horny (yeah, so what?)
3) Slag off your friends (especially if they use LJ!) - I don't want to get in the middle.
4) Not use spell check. I apologize if my grammar's occasionally not up to snuff but PLEASE (not PLZ) make the effort!
5) No members of the vegan thought police. Vegans are okay, but thought police of any kind are not welcome.
6) I realize this should go without saying, but if you slag me off WITHIN my journal, or go run to your journal and slag me off, you're probably not the kind of person I want to be friends with at all. This is a fairly unforgivable offense and leads to real life defreinding. Loyalty is important to me and I expect my friends to be able to deal with their issues with me privately, not by shouting out their/our problems in front of everyone we know.

I'm originally from Phoenix, spent ten years in Seattle, and then moved to London in September of 2006. I like to write and travel and am trying to find a way to get paid to do both. My friends are very important to me and I wish I had more of them.

Be advised that I'm loud and aggressive and opinionated. Supposedly there are some good qualities to counterbalance that, but you'll have to figure out what they are on your own.

Finally, remember: blogs aren't who people are, they're what people write. They show the side of a person that they want to reveal to the world. They never tell the whole story.

PS: Just to be clear, I AM NOT A GOFF. I am a Goth groupie. Thanks for letting me clear that up.
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